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Windows 7 wallpaper changer / downloader


Requires JRE 7 to run.

The program downloads a random wallpaper in given interval and changes the desktop background to downloaded wallpaper. The randoms API is used for wallpaper download.

This is a 3rd party program. For support or feedback, contact @relgukxilef at Twitter.

Python wallpaper changer for Linux


A simple Python script for downloading a random wallpaper from My Little Wallpaper and making it the desktop background. Can be set to run periodically with crontab.

Note that currently the only supported desktop environments are Unity, Gnome and Cinnamon!

Variety support

My Little Wallpaper supports Variety through Media RSS. At the moment you can only get a RSS feed for search of your choice. There is no RSS feed for favourites at the moment.

You can find more information about Variety here.