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This website was born because I wanted to have a nice My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic wallpaper but had trouble finding a proper one and didn't want to start browsing through huge lists. Ironically I started doing just that get content on the site.

Any of the systems (image galleries) I knew weren't actually suitable for this site, so I decided to code one of my own from scratch with PHP. I wanted the site to be as lightweight as possible and sadly I really didn't (and still don't) have the time to ask permission from every artist, so my solution was to redirect downloads to their galleries (mainly deviantART) and didn't feel like modding that to any existing gallery systems. So I spent one evening coding furiously and managed to get the site up during that night, with over 100 wallpapers.

As My Little Pony boom isn't going to last forever, I eventually decided to start adding new categories, such as Cartoon Hangover, Touhou and Vocaloid.

Using the search

SearchSince the search might be a bit difficult to use with no instructions, here's how you use it:

There are four different kind of tags: author, aspect, platform and normal tags. The search field has an autocomplete function which gives suggestions to your input. Other tags than normal tags are prefixed, for example "author:WhiteDiamonds". Autocomplete in the search doesn't require prefixes, but you can use prefixes to narrow the autocomplete results down.

If you want to search for wallpapers that have only the characters you specify, prefix the tags with = character. Note that characters that aren't tagged (for example non-MLP characters) are not taken into account.

Some examples:

Credits etc.